Mains Lamb / Beef



Lamb/Beef Rogan Josh $17.90

Traditional Kashmiri Lamb curry cooked in an onion/tomato base sauce

lamb korma

Lamb/Beef Korma $17.90

Lamb/Beef cooked in a creamy cashew nut based sauce flavoured with cardamom and spices

lamb jalfrezi

Lamb/Beef Jalfrezi $17.90

Lamb/Beef pieces cooked in a med. tomato based sauce with fresh vegetables

lamb vindaloo

Lamb/Beef Vindaloo $17.90

Traditional Goan style spicy Lamb/Beef curry

lamb pepper masala

Lamb/Beef Pepper Masala $17.90

Tender Lamb/Beef pieces cooked in an onion/tomato base flavoured with a crushed pepper and a touch of coconut milk

bombay lamb

Bombay Lamb/Beef $17.90

Beef cooked in an onion/tomato/coconut base curry with potatoes and flavoured with fenugreek leaves

almond pumpkin lamb

Almond Pumpkin Lamb/Beef $17.90

Lamb cooked with fresh pumpkin & almond tempered with mustard cumin and spices

goat curry

Goat Curry $17.90

Goat Curry on the bone

saag lamb

Saag Lamb/Beef $17.90

Lamb/Beef cooked with fresh baby spinach and spices

lamb madras

Lamb/Beef Madras $17.90

Lamb/Beef cooked on a slow flame with assorted lentils and flavoured with fresh green chilli, coriander and ginger