saag prawn

Saag Prawn / Fish $19.90

Cooked with fresh baby spinach and spices


Garlic Prawn / Fish $19.90

Cooked with assorted peppers & flavoured with garlic

malabar prawn

Malabar Prawn / Fish $19.90

Cooked with assorted peppers, tempered with mustard flavoured with coconut cream


Vindaloo Prawn / Fish $19.90

Traditional Goan style spicy prawn curry


Kadai Fish / Prawn Curry $19.90

Fish / Prawn cooked in chopped tomato gravy with pounded red chilli & coriander seeds

jalfrezi prawn

Jalfrezi Prawn / Fish $19.90

Cooked in a mild tomato based sauce with fresh vegetables

malibu prawn

Malibu Prawn / Fish $19.90

Cooked in an onion/tomato base curry flavoured with Malibu rum


Goan Fish / Prawn Curry $19.90

Traditional Goan style fish curry

andhra prawn curry

Andhra Fish / Prawn Curry $19.90

Spicy Curry with an onion/tomato/tamarind base with a touch of coconut cream


Mango Fish / Prawn Curry $19.90

Cooked in a mild sauce made with mango pulp, tempered with mustard seeds and fresh curry leaves

butter prawn

Butter Prawn $19.90

A mild curry in which marinated Prawn are cooked in butter with a rich and creamy sauce